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The VDI association of German engineers is one of the largest technical-industrial associations in Europe with approx. 126,000 members, of which more than one third are student and young engineers under 33 years. In Germany it is regarded as a speaker of engineers and the technique as well as a leading institution of training and the exchange of experience of technical specialists and top management. As a non-profit organization, independent of economic and party-political interests it represents business and socio-political interests of engineers and students of engineering. Its aim is the mediation of technical knowledge as service for all students, engineers and scientists, for the enterprises, the state and the public.

The enormous technical knowledge within the most diverse industries and industry-overlapping areas as well as in the engineer promotion is generated from the member's network and co-operation partners as well as in co-operation with economics and science. This knowledge is transferred to these target groups by advisory activities, brochures, seminars, conferences, fairs and others.

The main emphasis of the VDI activity is the technical-industrial work. The interdisciplinary co-operation of experts from science, industry and public administration is a guarantee for professional and generally accepted results (e.g. the "VDI Richtlinien" as established rules for the state of the art). Every year 20,000 experts visit the 100 national and international conferences of the VDI Fachgliederungen.

In the future the binary network (nucleus of the knowledge) will be focussed more than other activities of the VDI. This will be reached on one hand with an enormous knowledge and on the other hand by a multiplicity of interesting personal relations networks. The VDI develops towards a modern, efficient and transparent service organization, in order to be attractive even for young and student members.

To be a member in the VDI means today as also in the future to have unique technical and personal advantages.

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