URIS - Lorraine

URIS-Lorraine, association of engineers and scientists of the Lorraine country, participates to the regional reflections in the economical, industrial and social fields. It offers services not only to its members but also to universities, technical and scientific associations and socio-economical institutions of the Lorraine.

URIS-Lorraine, founded in 1969, represents the 8,000 engineers of Lorraine in the CNISF,

(French council of the French Engineers)
URIS-Lorraine aims are:
  • The meeting of the groups of engineers and Scientifics of Lorraine
  • Facilitating the integration of its members in the socio-economical net of Lorraine
  • Helping its members to find a job
  • Developing exchanges and inter-professional relations with work-shops, visits, conferences etc.
  • Relaying publications and information from the CNISF to its members

URIS-Lorraine handles the engineer's applications to the Repertoire National des Ingenieurs (French Engineers Register), to the EUR ING FEANI register and to the award of EUR ING title.

URIS-Lorraine maintains a link between engineers and universities by attending to conferences and work-shops:

  • to promote the sciences and the engineering competences in schools
  • to adapt the education and trainings of students and engineers to the evolutions of technologies
  • to help exchanges between corporations of engineers

URIS-Lorraine, by its commission "patrimoine industriel lorrain", cooperates with companies to promote the technical know-how and the products of the Lorraine, especially outside of France.

URIS-Lorraine is well known for its cooperation with neighbouring countries. It works since 1980 with its German (VDI Saar) and Luxembourgian (ALI) neighbours. The three have founded the first cross-border association, the "Federation des Associations d'Ingenieurs SAAR-LOR-LUX" (FDI).


      Union Régional des Ingénieurs et des Scientifiques de Lorraine
      50 Rue Baudoche
      F-57070 Metz
      Phone/Fax: +33 (0) 387 559 041
      E-mail: uris.lorr.jung@wanadoo.fr
      Internet: www.chez.com/urislorraine

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